How Businesses Can use Blended Workforce to Scale Quickly and Reduce Costs

With the explosion of SaaS and cloud-based services targeting every operating function from recruitment to accounting, no company is immune to the need for ramping up engineering talent to help with API integrations, new coding languages, and a rapidly-evolving future of work. According to Gartner, analysts predict that one of the biggest leadership challenges CIOs will face in 2020 is:

“Finding and upskilling talent to support new technologies such as low code-tools, API-centric SaaS, and APIs for integration that will drive the future of applications.”

Further, CGS polled executives on cloud architect how they are planning to navigate workforce change in 2020. They found that addressing the learning or skills gap is the top concern, scoring higher than corporate innovation or digital transformation. And more than half of respondents say they will be or are considering investing in upskilling workers in light of artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics.

One way CIOs and IT leaders are addressing these “future of work” challenges in 2020 is through platforms such as Field Engineer to find the right Network, Software, IT, Systems, Telecom, or Field engineer for their particular needs. As an alternative to hiring new employees skilled in these emerging technologies, or upskilling current employees to take on tasks they may or may not have any interest in, these companies are turning to on-demand talent to create a blended workforce, i.e., a mix of full-time and freelance staff that can quickly scale up or down to meet a company’s changing needs.

Let’s look at two examples of how companies are already using a mix of on-site and on-demand workers to fuel their growth.

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